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Positive psychology acts as a toolkit that allows us to build wellbeing in individuals and communities alike.


Our Mission

Positive-Ed Consulting brings the power of the practice of applied positive psychology to classrooms, campuses, community organizations, and companies around the world. Starting with schools, where the application can have the most impact on the future, Positive-Ed Consulting aims to change the world for the better, one client at a time. By extending our reach to help build better businesses and community organizations, Postive-Ed Consulting educates independent organizations in best practices to seize the science behind a better way to work and live.

Positive psychology is not to be confused with untested self-help, footless affirmation, or secular religion—no matter how good these may make us feel. Positive psychology is neither a recycled version of ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ nor a sequel to ‘The Secret.’
— Chris Peterson (2008)


  • Seminars, workshops, and talks

  • Multi-week courses

  • Trainings for staff

  • Program design and implementation

  • Evaluation and assessment

  • Data collection and analysis

  • Integration of workplace wellness

  • Advise and assist with partnerships

  • Plan for conferences, presentations, and industry leadership opportunities